Introducing: YT Bridal Registry!

Oh, hello!

We have been working for months on a new project! That is a bridal registry. As a small, independent store, curating a selection of gifts for a bridal registry is a puzzle. We love selecting gifts to feature in our stores that are unique and in small quantities. Buying in small quantities allows us to ensure when you buy a gift, it is interesting and different. By doing this, our shoppe is always changing.

To create a bridal registry - we needed to adjust how we think and how we buy for our store. We wanted a registry that offered options for brides, including items you cannot buy in our local communities but in quantities needed for a full registry offering. The other big deal to us….we want to always offer gifts that are affordable. I wouldn’t pay $30 for a coffee mug and I don’t expect you to either!

So, after some research, we came up with a system and source for awesome dishware and serving pieces as you would find on a traditional bridal registry. mixed with our signature small quantity gift items we love to bring to you.

Here are a few highlights from our NEW bridal registry program:

  1. After a couple registers, all gifts purchased prior to the bridal shower or wedding will be wrapped by our wrapping experts and delivered to the event. This means wedding guests only have to purchase the item...we do the rest!

  2. There are several patterns of dishware for the couple to choose from.

  3. The lines we have selected for registry dishware are microwavable, dishwasher safe and you can’t beat the prices.

There you have it! Our new bridal registry program is ready for ya! If you have recently engaged folks in the local area (or getting married locally), do us a favor and let them know to check out our registry selection. We would LOVE to help and will make this process as easy for the couple and the wedding guests as possible.