A Little About Me

Hi Friends!

Happy March! I don't know about you but I am itching to start seeing green grass outside and the feeling of the warm breeze. At my house, we are a summer family. I, personally, like the warmer weather and my husband farms therefore is much busier during the warm growing months. Speaking of, I'm not sure I have ever really told you about our little family.

As I mentioned, I live on a farm with my Husband and our dog. Now let's be clear. I am a "city girl" hailing from the metropolis of Great Bend. I really have no business being on a farm. I don't care to get dirty. I don't love sweat or bugs. Yet I found myself in the midst of all of those things. Dirt. Sweat. Bugs. And Cows. I share this little mess with my Husband, Mike and our dog Tex.

Mike is a true farmer. He is always busy doing something. He farms grain and we have cows. I call them the "ladies." Every so often I go to help with the ladies. I try to talk to them but they don't speak my language. Anyway ...Not only is he great at it, recently his talents as a flower/gift shoppe business person have surfaced. He is a "risk" taker. I am not. He often tells me, "just do it. It will work out." Lucky for me, he is a perfect brainstorming partner especially when it comes to business.

You will find Tex everywhere Mike goes and occasionally in the shoppe in Lyons. Tex loves to greet customers or any human for that matter. He loves people and most people love him too. Tex loves crackers, chips, steak and bones. But don't get it twisted. He likes particular, expensive crackers like Cheez-Its. Don't give him the knock-off. He knows.

Anyway - that is a short peak into my life outside of the shoppe. You will be hearing more about life in and out of the shoppe from me and the rest of the team throughout the spring season. I'll leave you with a few photos from harvest last summer.